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Cockatrice standing on it's long tail

A Cockatrice is a magical monster that existed before and after the Great war. Cockatrices were seen in Everfree Forest and the surrounding area.


Cockatrices were treated as feared predators before the war broke out. When the war began and firearms were readily available, Cockatrices became less of a threat and were put down as dangerous animals/vermin.

Fluttershy encountered a Cockatrice that had been terrorizing the local area.

Fluttershy Lamented that Applejack had killed one, but Applejack shrugged it off, claiming it was a dangerous beast that needed to be put down.

Years later, Red Eyes Forces would drive back groups of Cockatrices when they purged the Everfree Forest using flamethrowers. Velvet Remedy would also capture one and force it to reverse the petrification of her pet balefire Phoenix, Pyrelight.

Project Horizons - Gorgon was a Project Chimera test subject. He was bio-magically fused with a cockatrice and gained numerous abilities. The downside was that his mental capacities were lessened.


A Cockatrice has a Chickens stumpy body and small head. They have fierce red eyes, leathery wings tipped with red spins and a long serpents tail that drags behind them. Their bodies, excluding their heads are covered in green scales.


A Cockatrice has the body of a chicken and the long tail of a serpent. It's head is covered in white chicken feathers. The body of a cokatrice is covered in scales and it has a pair of leathery wings, tipped with red spines.

A Cockatrice can stand on it's tail and use it to raise or lower itself. It's heavy body and small wings prevent it from achieving proper flight. A Cockatrice has small, beady red eyes and is most infamous for it's dreaded Stare. If a Cockatrice stares it's victim in the eyes, it can petrify it's victim, leaving them as stone statues. A cockatrices stare can be reversed if the Cockatrice responsible can be convinced/coerced/forced into doing so.

If a Cockatrice is killed, it's victim will remain petrified permenantly, resulting in their death. A Cockatrice, cannot reverse the petrification on a shattered statue. Cockatrices like Manticores, appear to be immune to radiation as they have been left unaltered for 200 years.


  • Only mentioned habitat is Everfree Forest
  • Have a stone glare
  • One was stared down by Fluttershy who convinced it to release all it's previous victims
  • One Petrified one of Applejacks pigs and was killed by Applejack with a gun
  • Velvet Remedy convinced a Cockatrice to reverse the petrification of her Balefire Phoenix: Pyrelight