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Confessions of a Wasteland Pony is an audio drama created and written by SkyBolt. Originally launched at Stable-Tec Studios, it is now produced by EAST Corp Productions.

The series can be watched HERE.


DJ Pony adds a new segment to his radio show where he interviews wasteland ponies to get their fascinating stories. He is joined by a rag-tag group of former interviewees who help him produce his show.


The story is set two years before the events of Fallout: Equestria. The mysterious DJ Pony is sheltered, as always, in the penthouse of Tenpony Tower. When he first begins the interview series, he converts a witness interrogation room located within the MAS EBS suite into a recording studio. This is done with the help of Homage and one of the mares that works in Tenpony Tower's generator room, Amber Horn.

The later interviews must be moved to an Offsite Broadcasting Station, since Tenpony Tower wasn't fond of his guests who have been ex-raiders and ghouls.


Main Characters (Voiced)

Significant Characters (Non-Voiced)

Locations & Factions

Behind the Scenes

  • The format of the series is heavily inspired by the World War Z abridged dramatic audiobook, where the interviews feature their own individual characters and stories which figure and intersect in a larger overarching narrative.
  • Large portions of the first four episodes were written in airport terminals and on airplanes during the two year timespan that SkyBolt lived in Virginia. He would frequently travel back home to visit family and friends in California. The first hour of The Engineer was written during the flights of a single vacation to Hawaii. Large portions of The Ghoul Doctor and The Duchess Horror were written on flights to Everfree Northwest 2014 and BABSCon 2015 respectively.
  • Confessions characters are directly referenced in the Wasteland Survival Guide episode "Celebrations."
  • The Pink Pippin crossover from Terminal Secrets, Episode 1: DOSE was planned from the beginning.
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