Coral Eve
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Family Chirpy Sum - Son
Status Alive

Coral Eve is a Unicorn character in the story Fallout: Equestria - Murky Number Seven. She becomes a member of Murky's group and plans to escape with them.



Coral grew up in a small and hidden settlement of Creaky Hollow. At some point in her past she suffered a case of horn rot, which made the use of magic painful and difficult to control. She spent most of her life learning to do things the Earth Pony way.

She had a son; Chirpy Sum and was good friends with Glimmerlight until they were taken into slavery.

Present Day

Taken into slavery and sent to Fillydelphia and her son was taken from her as part of Red Eye's foal educational program. She hated Glimmerlight for the part the unicorn played in their capture.

She became something of a mother figure to Murky Number Seven and, thanks to his help, began to forgive Glimmerlight; as long as they kept their promise to free her son during their escape from Fillydeplhia.



A mature pony, into her forties, she has a pale grey coat with a dark blue mane that is streaked with white and black highlights.


Maternal and loving, she cares deeply for other ponies, especially young ones like children and Murky Number Seven. Before Fillydephia she was a serious and cautious mare, but was capable of laughing and joking, especially around Glimmerlight. After becoming a slave, her sense of humour -naturally- has all but vanished. However it did show itself again during Murky's birthday party. She is especially angry with Glimmerlight, and less tolerant of her casual attitude.


Coral's damaged horn makes her magic diffucult to control and painful to use. However when she pushes herself she can perform powerful telekinetic blasts which can throw objects as heavy as boulders dozens of feet.


  • Both Glimmerlight and Coral share the same rare allergy to Radaway and instead need RadPurge.
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