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Cottage Cheese
Cottage cheese by starryoak-d5wfort

~ DAfavicon StarryOak
Title Steel Rangers Elder
Race Unicorn
Sex stallion
Faction/Role Steel Rangers
Status Alive,

Coma, kept stable in a life support pod

  Unknown, may have perished in Friendship City during Operation: Cauterize

Elder Cottage Cheese is an elderly unicorn stallion and the former Elder of the Manehattan contingent of the Steel Rangers.



Cottage Cheese lived and fought alongside his fellow Steel Rangers as a knight, going so far as to cut off his own horn, so he could wear the helmet for suits of Power Armor. He evenutally rose to the rank of Elder, commanding the Manehattan contingent of Steel Rangers.

Present Day[]

Steelhooves was under orders from Cottage Cheese to observe Littlepip, but he decided to follow her of his own free will. Cottage Cheese would assault Stable 29 and take one of the Applejack's Rangers hostage, whilst locking himself in the room containing the Stable's Crusader Maneframe. He planned to implant his mind into the maneframe and turn it into a Soul Jar to achieve immortality and to be around to guide future generations.

His plans were foiled by Littlepip, who deactivated the Crusader Maneframe using the failsafe but also reset the Stable which released a sedative gas into the stable. Cottage Cheese and everyone inside the Stable survived, Cottage Cheese was stripped of the title of Elder by the Applejack's Rangers. Now in a catatonic state, he was sealed in his life support capsule to keep him alive.

Littlepip tried to trade him for a water talisman to the Steel Rangers at Bucklyn Cross, but a firefight broke out and Littlepip was forced to kill the Rangers. She took him to Friendship City, alongside Granpa Rattle and the surviving Arbu foals where he stayed until the Enclave attacked, looking for the Dashite Radar.

He more than likely perished in the attack and is never heard from again.

Appearances in Other Stories[]

Project Horizons[]

It is mentioned that Cottage Cheese is offering an instant promotion to Star Paladin to any Steel Ranger who recovers the weapon Blackjack used to sink the Celestia (Trottenheimers Folly).

The Ditzy Doo Chronicles[]

Cottage Cheese appears as a young scribe, accompanying a group of Steel Rangers who wipe out the ghoul settlement of Necropolis. He acts as the adjucant to the attacking Ranger Elder, Emerald.


  • He is very old
  • He cut off his horn so he could wear Power Armor
  • He is bound to a Wheelchair due to his old age and declining health
  • He understands the mechanics of Soul Jars.