Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Steel Rangers, Star Paladin
Applejack's Rangers(c.33), Elder(c.39)
Status Alive

Star Paladin Crossroads, first mentioned in Chapter 28 and introduced in Chapter 33 is an earth pony mare and member of the Steel Rangers.

While Littlepip, Steelhooves, and their party were busy confronting Elder Blueberry Sabre's Steel Rangers Fillydelphia contingent at Stable 2, Star Paladin Crossroads led the effort to take control of Stable 29 from Elder Cottage Cheese, joining the Steel Ranger Outcasts who would later become Applejack's Rangers.

After the death of Steelhooves, she stepped up to fill the position as the new Elder of Applejack's Rangers.


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