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Crunchy Carrots is a Steel Ranger and holds the rank of Elder. She is the leader of Hoofington's contingent of Steel Rangers.


Elder Crunchy Carrots has been described as fairly reasonable. She was willing to let Blackjack and her friends leave the Celestia whilst they dealt with their internal affair i.e, Steel Rain's desire to replace her.

She once shattered a very rare piece of technology, a water talisman that could provide an indefinite supply of fresh clean water for the citizens of the Hoof. She did this after everyone else in her group was ready to give it away, likely to stop it being used by tribals and outsiders.


Prior to becoming an Elder, Crunchy Carrots traveled the Hoofington area, alongside Big Daddy, King Awesome, Dr Zodiac (Silver Stripe), Dawn and Keeper. They were a group of friends that tried to make the wasteland around Hoofington a much better place. Their personalities and ideals would clash quite often, and after years of fighting on the Hoof, they would split up to try and make a difference their own way.

Crunchy Carrots would establish the Hoofington Steel Rangers contingent and set up a base of operations in the old battleship The Celestia. Her old friends would also set up their own factions and Crunchy Carrots would begin stealing and hoarding valuable pre-war technology aboard the Celestia.

Over time, tension would grow between the Steel Rangers and The Reapers. Crunchy Carrots did her best to prevent a conflict, but kept her Rangers stationed at the one bridge that led into their territory. An all out war, accidentally sparked by Blackjack, eventually erupted. Crunchy Carrots, realized they couldn't hold out against the Reapers and their allies from across the Hoof and beyond, so she sent for reinforcements.

A shism had also been developing between Crunchy Carrots and one of her Star Paladins, Steel Rain. Steel wanted to use their technology to take out the other factions and conquer Hoofington. The Elder was against this and once his intentions were made fully clear in front of the Elder and a group of Steel Rangers, she acted to have him captured or killed.

A fight broke out, which eventually resulted in Blackjack sinking the Celestia as she tried to aim and fire Trottenheimers Folly and kill Steel Rain. The Elder was killed either by the firefight or when The Celestia sunk.