Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Reaper
Status Alive

Cuffs is an earth pony mare and a member of the Reapers


Cuffs first appears at Megamart, accompanied by two other reapers, Mallet and Smokey. They were sent to Megamart by Big Daddy Reaper himself, with orders to being Blackjack to their base in the Arena, Hoofington's hoofball stadium. She briefly fought Blackjack along with her fellow reapers, but stopped once Rampage arrived and spoke with her. The reapers all come to a consensus and get Blackjack to accompany them willingly.

Cuffs along with Mallet and Smokey are later killed in the Steel Ranger/Reaper war, during a particularly hectic and confusing battle.



Cuffs was proud of being a Reaper like her two companions and shared a dislike of Psychoshy whom she considered a suck-up, due to being given powers by Sanguine, like Deus and Gorgon.


Cuffs was a skilled melee fighter, preferring to fight with a set of chains. It was this skill with melee weapons that got her into the reapers.


Cuffs carries a set of chains which she uses as her primary weapon.

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