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Cumulonimbus, introduced in Chapter 1: No Fly Zone, was an Enclave Private and recent graduate from Neighvaro Military Academy. He is grounded by a dragon ripping off his wings while chasing his dashite father.

Cumulonimbus is a main character in Fallout: Equestria - Icarus.

Full Name Cumulonimbus
Title Private (formally)
alias The Fallen Angel
Race Pegasus
Sex stallion
Faction/Role The Grand Pegasus Enclave (formally)
Family Thunderclap (Father)
Status Alive


Grew up in the Grand Pegasus Enclave. Entered into the Neighvaro Military Academy as soon as he could. He graduated, but before he could be assigned to a Raptor his father, a scientist, fled the Enclave and went Dashite. Cumulo was tasked with getting him back by General Updraft.

He tracked his father to a cave out west, but during a chase his wings were cut off by an angry dragon in migration. He fell into a farmhouse just outside Salt Lick City. There he was healed by an escaped slave named Looker before they were recaptured by Toothpick and brought back to Rolling Caps' Slaver compound.

With the help of Rolling's son, Cap Stash, they escape and take out the slavers leaving only a zebra named Wrexler alive.

Cap and Looker insist on helping him, despite trepidation over his goal. They go to Safe Harbor, but a malfunctioning suite of power armor and a missile gets him into debt with The Curator.

In order to pay him back, Cumulo has to get a Pinkie Pie War Balloon stolen from the settlement. He and his companions travel to The Eshmare Building and enter Black Pepper, a MoM black site. There he meets BONK, a self aware navigations VP from the balloon before being trapped Steerinko, a rogue security program.

With quick thinking, he escaped and travel to the Salt flats aboard The Sugar Sprinkle and capture Cumulo's father. Upon the return they are shot down by Sgt. Windsweep and Lieutenant Daybreak. BONK is transferred to Cumulo's armor and he is separated from his friend. His father died in the crash.

Forcing himself into exile after losing faith in the Enclave and going Dashite himself. He is then convinced by a mysterious ghoul to seek forgiveness from his friends. He then encounters Storm Rider and Ficha at gunpoint.



Found Cumulo after he crashed into her hiding place. She feels responsible for him as a parent and a friend.

Cap Stash

His life was uprooted when he was discovered as the mole in his father's slaving compound who saves slaves. After his father is taken out, he decides to follow Cumulo.