Cutthroat is the name of a small settlement featured in Fallout: Equestria - The Last Sentinel. It is what remains of a slew of homes and businesses on the northern suburbs beyond Manehattan. The actual livable space was remarkably tiny, but it has a well-stocked trading outpost. The name comes from its reputation for crime.

Frost's Journey

Frost Windchill, Rig, and Azrael Razorwing traveled to Cutthroat in order to hoard up on RadAway for their journey north to Stable 72 in order to obtain a water talisman for Rig's Stable. The three encountered a Steel Ranger squad there, and after a brief confrontation, were able to enter the town's bar/inn/shop to barter for supplies.

Unfortunately, the bounty posters for Frost and Azrael were still up, and a heated firefight ensued within the building that left almost all of the patrons dead and most of the RadAway in stock punctured and spilled uselessly to the floor. With few options remaining, Frost, Rig, and Azrael set their sights on Tenpony Tower for supplies...

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