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The cyberdragon during the Battle for Filldelphia Art by icekatze

The Cyberdragon was an immense and very old dragon. He lived within Everfree forest and was working for Red Eye, providing aerial support against the Enclave's raptors, alongside the Alicorns, Red Eye was employing.


The Cyberdragon is covered heavily in surgical scars, many of which haven't healed, revealing glowing circuity beneath the skin. It had red hateful eyes and tail spikes that glow with eldritch energy. The ancient beast was covered in green scales, in two different tones and had large leathery wings.


The Cyberdragon was an immense yet very old dragon well past his prime. His old body was suffering a decline in health, due to his advanced age. His body was reportedly failing, his organs were gradually shutting down and even his sight was gone, leaving him blind. Red Eye discovered the dragon and offered to give him an enhanced, cybernetic body.

The old dragon accepted Red Eye's offer and was rebuilt byDoc Slaughter, given Cybernetic organs to replace his failing ones and other upgrades like Balefire flame breath and cybernetic tail spikes. Red Eye had a failsafe device placed within the Cyberdragon's heart should it think of betraying him, a matrix-disruption grenade that would permenantly disable or kill the Dragon.

The Dragon emerged from Red Eye's cathedral and began attacking the Enclave. The Cyberdragon fought and downed three raptors and other Enclave forces. The Dragon was eventually killed during the Enclaves' assault on Red Eyes' main headquarters in Fillydelphia, but not without great cost to the Enclave for all the Raptors he took out with him.


The Cyberdragon had enhanced flame breath that instead of billowing regular flames, blew radioactive, balefire flames. The Cyberdragon was also incredibly strong and tough due to it's cybernetically enhanced body, able to take excessive damage and even fight whilst not fully healed. Magical energy weapons could do some harm to the dragon. The Cyberdragon was both large enough and strong enough to grasp a Raptor class dragon killer in its claws.

The Cyberdragon also had retractable spikes, built into its tail that glowed with eldritch energy and cut deep grooves into the armour of one of the attacking raptors.


  • The Cyberdragon is possibly the green adult that Spike encountered living in Everfree Forest.
  • He could breath balefire flames.
  • Red Eye let the dragon keep its gem hoard.
  • The Cyberdragon was loyal to Red Eye and continued to fight the Enclave, even though Red Eye was dead.
  • According to Doc Slaughter, the Cyberdragon was happy with the arrangement with Red Eye.