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There’s always a DJ Pon3!”

DJ Pon3 is a Legacy Character and has been broadcasting over the airwaves since the first DJ Vinyl Scratch.


Vinyl Scratch tearing at the turntables.
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DJ Pon3 is a radio personality that has been portrayed by many ponies since the time of Vinyl Scratch. Despite the original DJ Pon3 being a mare, the voice associated with the name has always been that of a stallion thanks to the use of an voice-changing spell passed on by the previous DJ Pon3. Pon3's station frequently broadcasts ancient music created by ponies before the war, as well as serving as the Equestrian Wasteland's main source of news.

Homage, the current DJ Pon3, broadcasts out of Tenpony Tower using the M.A.S.E.B.S. system, utilizing the S.P.P. towers for surveillance. Having watched and heard of her good deeds via the S.P.P. network, Homage reveres and grows fond of Littlepip, using her broadcasts to promote her as the wasteland's "Lightbringer".

After meeting Littlepip, the two quickly begin a passionate relationship. Accordingly, DJ Pon3 will often toy with Littlepip in her broadcasts, sometimes even going as far as to strongly imply their relationship in the form of a letter written by Homage herself.

Behind the Scenes[]

The character of DJ Pon3 as played in Fallout: Equestria is based on Fallout 3's Three Dog, the DJ and news anchor of Galaxy News Radio.