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Scramble, if she talks again, start pulling off her legs.
– Deadeyes, annoyed by Littlepip's questions
Chapter 11
Race Pony (unspecified)
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Shattered Hoof Raiders



Deadeyes is a minor character in Fallout: Equestria.


Deadeyes is a stallion working for Mister Topaz and the de-facto leader of the Shattered Hoof Raiders. Deadeyes is introduced to Littlepip by Gawd, who wants her to steal his ledger. After she is caught in the act, Deadeyes employs her to run errands for him and eventually proposes that she kill Gawd. Littlepip hears that Deadeyes was a fan of Sweetie Belles' music and comes up with a way for her to have both Deadeyes and Gawd in the same room. Littlepip devises an assassination operation for him: by having him invite Gawd to Shattered Hoof to witness a musical performance by Velvet Remedy (a direct descendant of Sweetie Belle, whose own singing talent "perfected" Sweetie Belles'), during the performance, Littlepip would hide in the rafters above the stage and snipe Gawd along with putting a bullet in his table so as to make both sides think it was a 3rd party acting against them, leaving Deadeyes in charge of both factions. When evening came and Littlepip arrived with Velvet Remedy and Gawd, it was discovered that Deadeyes rigged the stage with explosives underneath and armed with a dead man's switch beneath his table in-case of betrayal. Steeling herself over who exactly to kill, Deadeyes was sniped and killed while Littlepip used S.A.T.S. to pull Velvet Remedy away from the stage seconds before the explosives detonated.

Behind the Scenes[]

Deadeyes's character is loosely based on Eddie, the leader of the a gang of raiders who emerged from the New California Republic Correctional Facility after a jailbreak in Fallout: New Vegas.