Detrot is a fictional city in Equestria, based in the midwest. Located far west of Manehattan. Detrot appears in the side story Fallout: Equestria - Ballad of a Crystal Pony.


Being a very large and industrial city during the war many of the Ministry of Wartime Technology backed companies had manufacturing factories in the city (including the Ironshod Manufacturing Factory). Other ministries also held hubs in the city. Such as a Ministry of Arcane Science hub that appears to specialize in enchanted weapons.

Though the city was not directly hit by any notable megaspells, it was hit by far less destructive weaponry leaving it a mostly intact shell of its former self. There is still some balefire radiation in the soil from irradiated Lake Mareshigen.

In the modern day the city lives in fear of a very powerful raider named Marker who likely posses a megaspell casting chamber.


Before the War


During the War


After the Apocalypse

The stables opened and a small group of ponies began to resettled parts of the city.

Major Landmarks

Ironshod Manufacturing Factory

The Detrot location of the Ironshod. Its primary focus was in creating unique non-magical weapons and specialty ammo. The factory floor is currently bathed in a lethal dose of radiation following Clash and her friend's visit.


The Chariot Hotel

A well preserved luxury resort hotel in the northern Detrot run by a council of 6 members. It is one of the nearly completely intact buildings in in Detrot. It is Finders trading hub in the Detrot area.

This settlement was destroyed by the raider Marker. Most residents left, but some moved into the stable beneath the hotel.

Stable 16

Some former residents of the Chariot opted to make the stable that was used as the hotel's storage as a new place to stay.



Though normally only running trade in Hoofington, they have begun to branch out to Detrot. They currently run the 24/7 market in the ballroom of The Chariot.

The Gun Runners

An almost militaristic weapons caravan company that specializes in non-magical weaponry. They develop their own special maroon armor as well, but only members of the caravan are allowed to wear said armor.

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