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"Diamond Tiara" Is a canonical character to the show. See Diamond Tiara for more details.
...my... my name is Diamond Tiara and you fuckers didn’t get me! I got... I got away!
– Diamond Tiara's recording as she bleeds out
Chapter 11
Diamond Tiara
Doomed Diamond Tiara.
Race Earth Pony
Sex Female
Faction/Role Shattered Hoof Re-education Facility
Family Filth Rich - Father

Diamond Tiara is a mentioned-only character in Fallout: Equestria.


Diamond Tiara was an Earth Pony mare working as a gem inspector at Shattered Hoof Re-education Facility. When the bombs fell on the last day of the war, the staff fled, leaving it to the overwhelmed gem specialist to decide the fate of the prisoners. Not willing to let them starve to death in their cells, she set the inmates free. But by that time the prison complex had gone into an automated lockdown, following the loss of communication, and she found herself trapped with the prisoners and a rapidly dwindling food supply.

In an attempt to survive and out-live the prisoners, who had turned to cannibalism when supplies ran out, she locked herself in a bathroom with whatever food and water she could scrounge up. With her mind beginning to slip, Diamond Tiara accidentally kicked over a trash can during a nightmare and alerted the prisoners to her presence. In a last ditch effort to avoid their torture, Diamond Tiara used a shard of glass from a broken mirror to slice open her forehooves and died as a result of blood loss.