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Doc Hoof is a roving merchant that Littlepip encountered near Old Olneigh.


Doc Hoof was first encountered, trying to sell medicine and drugs to Barkin' Saw who had mistaken Hoof for Littlepip. After Littlepip cleared up the little mix up, she purchased some medicine from Doc Hoof. Doc Hoof was revealed to have had an investment to expand his inventory by Velvet Remedy. He soon departed, continuing to hawk his wares across the wasteland.


He is very smooth talking and refers to himself as the good doctor. He is clearly a drug/chem dealer but also sells regular medical supplies, like Med-X and healing bandages and potions. He is also very polite and a very determined business pony, having been trying to sell chems to the near deaf, Hellhound Barkin' Saw.


  • He is clearly based on Doc Hoff from Fallout 3, his mannerisms and speech as well as his outfit are near identical.
  • He is accompanied by a Griffin Bodyguard.
  • Sells a variety of drugs and medicine.
  • Takes investments to improve his trade caravan, like the traders in Fallout 3.
  • Has an office or perhaps a clinic at Tenpony Tower where he either lives and operates, this is also where he received the investment from Velvet Remedy.