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Doctor Freshwater
Title Dr. Freshwater
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Friendship City
Status Alive

Doctor Freshwater is a unicorn scientist living in Friendship City and head of its science station.


Present Day

Doctor Freshwater is a scientist who works in Friendship City's science lab. She developed the water purifiers sold throughout the wasteland and is an expert on ghoul biology. Freshwater assisted Ditzy Doo with shedding the excess radiation, she absorbed whilst saving Littlepip at Maripony. When the Enclave arrived outside Friendship, she put forward the idea of negotiating with the Enclave.

Ultimately the Enclave attacked the town, it's unknown whether Freshwater managed to escape or was killed in the assault.



She has a very inquisitive personality.


Freshwater is a unicorn who has a water blue coat and a raspberry coloured mane and tail. She wears a scientists labcoat that covers her cutie mark.

Behind the Scenes

She's likley a reference to DrMadison Li of Rivet City, Friendship City's equivalent in Fallout 3, who is also a scientist working with water purification technology, specifically Project Purity.