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Doctor Glue
Race Pony
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Red Eye - Researcher/Scientist
Status Alive

Doctor Glue was an (earth pony?) stallion doing medical research for Red Eye.

History []


Doctor Glue was infamous for his disturbing experiments, often using living subjects such as ponies or animals in them. His lab was grisly and coated in blood. He had a fierce rivalry and dislike of his fellow scientist, Doc Slaughter.

Present Day[]

Doctor Glue was responsible for following up on Twilight Sparkle's original research on Induced Metamorphosis Potion (I.M.P) as Head of Meta-Pony Research. He was able to re-create the recipe for untainted I.M.P, and managed to identify the five specific stages of IMP development. He was also found to have been studying Starmetal, using the remaining pieces of Nightmare Moon's armor.

Doctor Glue was captured by Autumn Leaf, who questioned him on his research projects. Glue was belligerent, repeatedly insulting Autumn Leaf and the Enclave whenever he answered any question. Doctor Glue tried to flee when his captors were distracted, but Autumn Leaf killed him, using his turret mounted, Star Blaster.



Doctor Glue was a wizened old stallion, his coat was a pale grey, and his mane was described as being stringy and charcoal black. His cutie mark is only described as a blasphemy, possibly referring to his excessive swearing.


Glue was obsessed with his research and research materials. He had a strong loathing both for Red-Eye and the other research pony, Doc Slaughter. He showed contempt for Autumn Leaf and the Enclave as well.

Behind the Scenes[]

Doctor Glue is likely based off Doctor Wu, the insane doctor for the Children of the Cathedral.