Dripping Blood
Race Earth Pony
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Slavers
Status Alive
Dripping Blood is a Slaver wh operated alongside two other Slavers along Route 52.


Present Day

Dripping Blood along with his fellow Slavers, Forty Nails and their leader were capturing ponies to sell as slaves. They had captured a small number of ponies when Puppysmiles crossed their path. When Forty Nails panicked and shot Puppysmiles, their leader attacked him. The ensuing conflict caused Dripping Blood to be injured. Before Dripping could recover, one of the slaves took his shotgun and killed him.



Dripping Blood is an earth pony stallion with a black coat, mane and tail.


He didn't speak much, but did try to discourage his fellow slavers from trying to enslave Puppysmiles. His fellows slavers considered him a coward for being frightened of a filly like Puppysmiles.
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