Full Name Dusk
Race Pegasus
Sex Female
Faction/Role Grand Pegasus Enclave, Thunderhead
Family Morning Glory -Sister
Moonshadow - Sister
Dawn - Mother
Sky Striker - Father
Lambent - Younger Sister
Lucent - Younger Sister
Status Alive

Dusk is Morning Glory's Older sister and a member of the Thunderhead Enclave in Hoofington.


Dusk first appeared in Flank where she tried to kill Glory, during the attack by Deus, the Zodiacs, and the Pecos. Blackjack stopped her and spared her life at the insistence of Morning Glory. She explained to Glory that their father's reputation has been damaged by Glory being branded a Dashite and that by killing her, Dusk could partially restore some of his lost reputation.

After passing through the Hoofington Tunnels and recovering at the Collegiate, Blackjack trudges all the way to the volunteer corps base of operations in Hoofington to see if they can restore Glory's lost wing. Blackjack meets Dusk there and gets Dusk to accompany her back to the Collegiate to give the recovering Morning Glory a reason to live. They argued most of the night, but her words convinced Glory to go on living.

Dusk later accompanied Blackjack and her party to Thunderhead to thwart Lighthooves' plans for his bioweapon.


Dusk is a very severe pegasus and devoted to her family and the Enclave. She tried to kill Glory since she believed she had become a Dashite, like their mother. Dusk owed Blackjack for sparing her life and repaid her by talking/arguing with Glory.

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