Dusktown, located in the Northern Wasteland is a small settlement inhabited by 43 ponies and a single griffon at least thirty miles away from Poneva City. It is home to a small band of mercenaries called the Rough Riders, led by Night Sky. Dusktown appears in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn.



After the bombs fell, Dusktown was one of many settlements that were founded in the Northern Wasteland over the two centuries that followed the balefire holocaust.

Present Day

Dusktown, though a relatively small settlement, is also the closest to Poneva city. At least thirty miles from Poneva's walls, Dusktown is a midpoint for weary travelers and traders who seek solace from the snow or protection to and from Poneva city. Connected via trade to other settlements, as far as New Apploosa, Dusktown relies almost exclusively on commerce to survive. Having been founded essentially in a lifeless tundra, Dusktown must trade supplies from the plantations in Poneva or with traders from the South to scrape by.

Dusktown is also home to a band of mercenaries known as the Rough Riders who serve as the town's protectors and only on-duty defense against bandits, snow furies, slavers, and mutants.

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