Dust Devils are a mysterious species of tall, ponyesque creatures. They have a fearsome reputation and are feared in the Ponave Desert.


Dust Devils are tall ponyesque creatures that are notably hostile towards any other creature they encounter. They are typically found in heavy sandstorms and may in fact be responsible for generating the sandstorms they appear in. Clover first encounters Dust Devils when he was looking for his pet fire ant, Zippo.

One Dust Devil was killed by Zippo, using his fire breath to burn the Dust Devil, turning it to glass and shattering it.



Dust Devils resemble tall ponyesque figures with large glowing, yellow eyes. They appear to be some kind of magical spirit or creature, similar to Windigo's. The Dust Devils can partially appear, the lower half of their body being invisible.


Dust Devils have great control over sand and dust, which they control in order to create, large sandstorms. They can also summon one another, with horrible screeching wails.


Dust Devils are susceptible to heat based weaponry, particularly live flames like those of a Fire Ant/Flamethrower and possibly magical energy weapons. Bullets are useless mostly as they seem to pas through them, though if they are fired at the eye, it can cause fatal damage. A Dust Devil turns into glass, it's body apparently crystalizing when it dies.

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