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Dwellers are a unique species of abominations, created by Epiphany.


Dwellers are abominations, created by Epiphany using a Black Cube . The abominations may have begun as ponies, but share only vague similarities. They are predators that function more like insects than ponies, keeping hives and rarely straying from centralized locations.

Dwellers guard the well preserved facility atop the Maremack mountains, far above Neighwhere. They were used as one of the base's defences by Epiphany, while continuing to expand his research on his creations and their capabilities. They are exceptionally deadly close combatants, even killing several Steel Rangers in power armor with ease.

Without Epiphany to control them, the dwellers spread out from Maremack and now make their homes in the tunnels and dark places across the Hornsmith region. They pose a great threat to ponies in underground settlements like Underhoof.


Dwellers are carnivorous creatures, hunting down ponies and other lifeforms. They stick to shadowy areas, only emerging during the night. They reproduce via parasitism, impregnating female prey with swarms of young, who then grow and eventually kill their host. They resemble black, hairless ponies, but can have additions such as claws, tentacles, fang filled maws, and other predatory additions. There is little uniformity to their mutations or size, ranging from filly sized to beyond that of normal ponies.