Enclave Surface Item Recovery Team 2
Leaders(s) Lt. Banked Curve, Sgt. Tailgate
Notable Members Lt. Banked Curve, Sgt. Tailgate
Appearances Fallout: Equestria - Clearer Skies

Enclave Surface Item Recovery Team 2 is a faction in Clearer Skies. Despite their name, they aren't actually very connected with the Enclave at all.


An ESIR Team is a team of 10 to 20 pegasi sent out by the Encalve to recover items of value from the surface. ESIR Teams are normally made up of regular Enclave soildiers assigned for disciplinary reasons, or captured Dashites . They are generally based out of the SPP towers scattered around the Wasteland. Their main base is located in a remote area, west of Neighvarro.




Notes & Trivia

Armor & Weapons

ESIR Teams wear the standard Enclave power barding, but have the ESIR logo on them in place of the normal Enclave logo. They are armed with various magical energy weapons, with the most common being dual Novasurge rifles.

Team 2

ESIR Team 2 is based out of the Seaddle SPP Tower, and headed by Lt. Banked Curve and Sgt. Tailgate, both Dashites. Their team consists of eight other pegasi, all assigned for disciplinary action. Both Banked Curve and Tailgate were members of Calamity's wing when he went Dashite. They followed him, but were captured shortly thereafter, and when given the choise, decided to serve on an ESIR Team rather than run from the Enclave until they died.

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