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Equestria was a sovereign pre-war pony nation whose political control was spread throughout what is now known as the Equestrian Wasteland. Its government structure was that of a unitary totalitarian autocracy, and its supreme heads of state were Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. It was one of the two global superpowers responsible for the Great War and the apocalypse that followed.

After the Great War, the Equestrian power structure was decimated, Equestria itself was dissolved, and its territories were reduced to what is now known as the Equestrian Wasteland. Whatever ravaged vestiges of society that still remained after the apocalypse descended into a state of total anarchy.


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At one point in time, ponies were politically divided by race into three nations of unknown origin. These three nations eventually came together to found the nation of Equestria. Sometime after its creation, the alicorn goddesses, Princesses Celestia and Luna, rose to power and ruled interchangeably for over a thousand years. In time, Equestria became a global superpower.

The Great War

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The Great War was a decades-long militarized conflict between two global superpowers, the pony nation of Equestria and an unnamed zebra nation with whom it shared a border. This war lasted multiple years and forced Equestria into a rushed industrial revolution as the two superpowers raced to outdo each other in the fields of arcane science, industry, and wartime technology.

One of these developments, the megaspell framework for amplifying the power of spells, was powerful enough that its use led to the destruction of much of Equestria.

The Last Day

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The Last Day was a short period of armed conflict initiated by the unnamed zebra empire against the pony nation of Equestria, during which both nations released their highly-destructive megaspell payloads against each other.[1]

The megaspell onslaught lasted mere hours. The first city to fall was Cloudsdayle, which immediately resulted in the pegasi's abandonment of the war effort and their subsequent secession from Equestria. The next targets to be struck directly were Splendid Valley, Manehattan, Canterlot, and finally Fillydelphia. After this point, the pegasi raised a near-permanent cloud curtain over all of Equestria, blinding the zebras for the remainder of the megaspell assault.[2]


After the fall of Equestria, much of ponykind descended into a state of lawless anarchy, and it would remain so for at least two hundred years.  The effects of the Balefire Bombs plunged Equestria into a continous winter that lasted for many years.  Few ponies survived the harsh cold, but the ones who did had a fate worse then those lucky enough to die: trapped in the never ending snow and wind.

The pegasi, who had seceded from Equestria prior during the events of the Last Day, maintained a fully functioning civilization in the skies, which later came to be known as the Grand Pegasus Enclave.

Government and Politics

Equestria was a unitary totalitarian autocracy, a religion-centric government whose power lie solely with its self-appointed rulers and any powers to whom they chose to delegate responsibility.

Head of State

The highest position of political office in Equestria was the Princess. There have been two princesses throughout Equestrian history--Princess Luna and Princess Celestia, who were sisters--and both have ruled at various times, on occasion ruling together. Celestia was the sole head of state for the majority of Equestrian history. After the Nightmare Moon incident, she began a co-rule with Luna until the Great War began, during which she relinquished her right to the throne to Luna.


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The Ministries were six pre-war Equestrian governmental institutions established by Princess Luna in order to fill the power vacuum created after the abdication of Princess Celestia from the throne. Though political in nature, these bureaucratic ministries were not purely legislative; each had a major impact on Equestrian law, economics, culture, and industry, and they were omnipresent in virtually every aspect of society after the beginning of the Great War. The six bearers of the Elements of Harmony were each appointed to direct a ministry of their own design.


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Equestria was a once a verdant and diverse land. Its territories spanned a wide variety of terrain, including plains, forests, swamps, snowy mountains, and deserts, as well as some pegasi territories in the clouds.


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