Full Name Erdnussbutter
alias Erd
Race Earth Pony
Sex Male
Faction/Role Enclave
Family Coffin (Nephew)
Status Alive
Erdnussbutter is an Enclave officer and a supporting character in Fallout: Equestria - Resistance.

History Edit

Background Edit

Erdnussbutter is a member of the Grand Equestrian Enclave, for which he has served for much of his life. At some point, and injury in the line of duty cost him his right hoof, which he replaced with a robotic griffon claw. He thinks it looks cool.

Present Day Edit

Littlepip (under an alias of 'Sparkplug') met the stallion in a cafe in the rebuilt Enclave city of New Appleoosa. He came off as quite intimidating, immediately becoming interested in the identities of both Littlepip and a stallion she was with.

Littlepip's disguise was solid enough to fool Erdnussbutter's investigation, but the stallion was revealed to have been smuggled in by the Resistance. After hitting and disabling the stallion, he had the pony taken away seemingly to his inevitable torture and demise. He then casually said farewell to Littlepip and departed.

Traits Edit

Appearance Edit

Erdnussbutter has both a brown coat and a brown mane, the latter being several shades darker than the former. His most distinctive feature, however, is clearly his metal griffon claw that he has in the place of a right hoof.

Personality Edit

Erdnussbutter is seemingly a very sadistic individual, taking pleasure in the suffering of those he views as his enemies. He apparently delights in playing with them psychologically before even making his true intentions known. And as an officer, he showcases fanatical loyalty to the Enclave's regime.

His nephew, secret resistance member Coffin, described him as being a 'nut'. Not only for his personality, but also for his oddly deep apparently German accent.

Skills Edit

His job appears to be to route out traitors to the Enclave and spies from the Resistance. And judging from Littlepip's close encounter with him, he will be a great threat to her cover of an Enclave citizen should they meet again.

Equipment Edit

He is adorned in a standard Enclave officer's outfit fitting of his rank, and also makes good use of a metal robotic claw he uses in the place of a right hoof.

Relationships Edit

Littlepip - Littlepip found Erdnussbutter to be quite creepy and more than a little unhinged, being left quite disturbed by their encounter.

Coffin - Erdnussbutter is Coffin's uncle, though the nature of their relationship is unknown.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • His introduction is a reference to the Wolfenstein series.