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Original Games Edit

Ashes of Equestria Edit
Overmare Studios Character Concept

Formerly known as Fallout: Equestria - The Game

The semical official game currently developed by the Overmare Studios, build with the popular free game engine Unity3D. With optics and gameplay having strong ties to Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, Overmare Studios attempt on creating a Fallout: Equestria game is probably the most ambitious project to date. The game itself will be free upon release with no release date yet announced. Though, there are various trailers avaiable on The Overmare Studios youtube channel as well as frequent updates and podcasts on their website.

Fallout: Equestria RPG Edit
Fallout Equestria RPG - Fast Level Editing-0

Fallout Equestria RPG - Fast Level Editing-0

Possibly the oldest Project around, Fallout: Equestria dates back to May 2012 with a announced release in 2015. It features world travel similiar to the original Fallout games for PC and a top-down 3D view as well as map and level editors. The story the player experiences follows the original novel.

Although do keep in mind that this project has been claimed as "on hiatus" by the developer in 2016 and since it's now 2017 and nothing has been said this project is most likely dead.

Fallout Equestria: Remains (The Flash-game) Edit
FoE Remains v0 7

FoE Remains v0.7

The Fallout Equestria: Remains, is a side scrolling game. With Littlepip or your customizable character in the lead role, a huge assortment of weapons, creepy wasteland environments, raiders, monsters, physics, telekinesis, quests, skills and perks, excellent animations and much more. The main quests depict a story somewhat different from the original novel. The current version is

Game Modifications Edit

Gardens of Equestria Edit
Gardens of Equestria Teaser Trailer

Gardens of Equestria Teaser Trailer

GoE is a Fallout: New Vegas modification which is being developed by The Manehattan Project, named after the prominent megaspell from the novel. Gardens of Equestria tells the story of the Courier faced with a strange version of the Mojave partially merged with the Equestrian Wasteland. It'll be up to you to determine what happened and deal with the new threats the strange reality shift has created. In the end, it'll be up to the player to decide the fate of two worlds. Gardens of Equestria is set in the city of New Pegasus, revamping New Vegas with familiar Fallout: Equestria items, weapons, locations and even fully-voiced companions.

They recently released a preview mod called "Gardens of Equestria: Smuggler's Run" with new weapons, armor and more.

Even MORE recently they released the Prologue called: "The Watcher", setting up the story and starting the hype train.

Fallout 2 Littlepip ModEdit
Fallout 2 Littlepip Mod

This mod offers an amazing custom player model for Fallout 2 as well as custom animations. As stated by the developer, the combined amount of frames necessairy exceeded the mark of 5000.

Fallout: Equestria City States Edit
Fallout Equestria City States Screenshot

FE:CS adds a variety of minor npc factions to the strategy game Civilization 5. The mod also features some custom artwork as well as flavor text and civilopedia entries for every city state.