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Fallout: Equestria New Age is a side story of the Fallout: Equestria series. It was written by Magic City Brony7/TimX7, and published on FiMfiction on September 23, 2013. On December 27, 2013, the original New age story was deleted from FiMfiction. Being replaced by a new story all together.


New Age takes place fifty years after the final chapter of Fallout: Equestria. It starts in a neutral nation called Japony. A Japanese culture nation that wasn't hit by the megaspells. The story stars a unicorn musician named Quick Cameo. During a battle against a rival clan, for control of the Quick Province. Cameo's father is killed. Cameo and his band members choose to see revenge on Warlord Kamikaze. The result is being banished to the Euqestrian Wasteland.


New Age takes place in the new Equestria, that was brought upon by Littlepip. It takes place about fifty years after Chapter 45 chapter of Fallout: Equestria.

Main Characters

These are the main cast of characters reveled so far. More are expected to be added.

Quick Cameo: Leader of the Ronin 7. A group of seven ponies who seek revenge against Warlord Kamikaze, who killed their lord. Quick Cameo is also band leader of the band Samurai 7. He's based off of Japanese actor/singer Gackt Camui. He weapon of choice is a Zanbatou sword, with the gun like Ozutu gun form. He calls his weapon the Daizantsu.

Kokuro Spiritheart: Unicorn mare. Quick's personal assistant, and manager for the band. She wields two gunsen war fans using her magic in battle.

Sakura Cherryblossom: Earth pony mare. Drummer for the band. Wields a tanto, a shuriken launcher, and a wakizashi into battle. She is also the only ninja of the group. Using stealh spells from a PiPBuck in order to sneak around.

Habiki Sound: Earth pony stallion. Bodyguard along with Kana. Uses two semi automatic rifles on a battle saddle, uses a katana as a melee weapon.

Kin Taro: Pegasus stallion. Back up guitar for the band. Wields a naginata in battle with his mouth. While he wears a battle saddle for ranged combat.

Kana Strongarm: Earth pony stallion. Bodyguard alongside Habiki. Wields a kanabo in his mouth.

Sora Skysong: Pegasus mare. The band's keyboard player, and backup singer whenever there is need of female vocals. She wields a kusarigama, using her mouth and wings in combat.

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