A Mare Worth Fighting For is a side story written by Pacce. It is widely viewed as a "clopfic" and is meant for an age group over 18. Besides the adult content it features a deep discussion between Littlepip and Homage about what it truly means to be a 'hero' in the wasteland.

While technically no side stories are canon with Fallout: Equestria, Kkat stated that chapter 20.5 could be seen as a "deleted scene", where, just like with deleted scenes from movies, the reader should decide whether to consider it canon or not[1].

You may find the story on its Equestria Daily post with the Main Story of Fallout: Equestria or here if you prefer. It is also available on, here.


Littlepip spends her first night with Homage and has to deal with a crisis of faith regarding what she's fighting for.


  1. Comment by Kkat on a review of Chapter 20.5: "This story should be treated much like a "deleted scene" extra on a movie DVD — each reader may chose for themselves whether to view it as canon or not."
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