Fallout:Equestria - Allegiances is a side-story written by Fair Play. It is the story of a low level Enclave soldier, Updraft (codename Dust Cloud) who is sent to the Wasteland to observe and report on the status of the ground about one hundred and fifty years after the war. Updraft is betrayed by his partner Clear Skies (codename Muddy Waters) and soon discovers he was being betrayed by his military handlers. He is eventually drawn into a battle over control of the SPP Towers and is forced to make fateful decisions involving his old and new lives.

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Allegiances takes place approximately one hundred fifty years after the end of the Great War. A majority of the story takes place in a nondescript region of the Equestrian Wastelands. The region is somewhat near Tenpony Tower since some characters have knowledge of advanced healing available there. Some events happen in one of two Enclave military installations, including Neighvarro.


Major Characters

  • Updraft (aka Dust Cloud) - Updraft is the main protagonist. Last in a long line of decorated military ponies, Updraft has had an unimpressive career. He is recruited by General Cirrus to take part in a clandestine reconnaissance mission to the Wasteland. Has an impressive aptitude with Wasteland technology.
  • Clear Skies (aka Muddy Waters) - Updraft's partner in the Wasteland. Betrays Dust when he discovers that they have been lied to about the ultimate goal of their mission to the Wasteland.
  • Brown Root - An earth pony friend of Updraft. He is a pacifist, but will fight in self defense if necessary. Has an aptitude for medicine. In a relationship with Wilted Flower.
  • Wilted Flower - A unicorn mare friend of Updraft. She is well practiced with a sniper rifle. In a relationship with Brown Root.
  • Silver - A pegasus mare Dust discovers in the remains of a stable. She is the prisoner of Muddy and is rescued by Dust. She falls in love with Dust.
  • One - One of a set of unicorn triplets cloned by Foggy. His brothers perished in an explosion which allowed Dust to escape. One joins Dust on his trek to find Muddy. Due to complications in the cloning process, he has the mental faculties of a foal.

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