Best Laid Plans cover art, featuring Romeo.
~ DAfavicon ArshnessDreaming

Fallout: Equestria - Best Laid Plans is a side story collaboratively written by Damhoof, Red and Volk. The story follows Romeo, Wire and Scorch an unlikely trio, forced together through circumstance as they are tasked with performing a service for Friendship City in payment for numerous petty crimes committed by the trio.


In the grim darkness of the Equestrian Wasteland there is only war and death. 3 unlikely allies are forced together, they must fight to earn their freedom and hopefully learn of the magic of friendship along the way. Who am I kidding.My name is Romeo, and I am desperate for friends. That mare over there is Scorch, she likes to torch ponies and that short pony over there. That`s Wire a thief and a former addict. Why we are even together? Well funny you should mention that. Let me enlighten you...


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