Fallout: Equestria - Clearer Skies is a non-canon sidestory spin-off of Fallout: Equestria, written by TicTac/spw6
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Fallout: Equestria - Clearer Skies is a side-story written by TicTac/spw6.

Two pegasi from Stable 199 are forced to flee when a group of Steel Rangers invades the Stable. They find themselves in the relatively forgotten city of Seaddle, a city built by Luna at the beginning of the Great War. Together they stumble upon the greatest kept secret of the war, the most unlikely surprise ever, and the ultimate weapon. In a tale filled with twists, turns, and action at every corner, there is only one outcome, clearer skies.

Clearer Skies is written by TicTac/spw6, and can be found on FimFiction , deviantArt , Gdocs , and Wattpad .


Clearer Skies is the story of two pegasi from Stable 199, Desert Eagle and Quick Scope. Their Stable is invaded by Steel Rangers, and due to Desert's quick thinking, are the two sole survivors. They flee the Stable, and end up in the Luna Needle in the city of Seaddle. Shortly after their arrival they begin finding things that ultimately lead to the discovery of the most powerful weapon ever built by ponykind. The only problem with that is, everypone else seems to be looking for it too.


Clearer Skies is mostly set in and around the destroyed pre-war city of Seaddle.


Name Gender Species Status Role Faction (P/A)
Desert Eagle Stallion Pegasus Alive Main Seaddle (P)
Quick Scope Mare Pegasus Alive Main Seaddle (P)
Qindeo Stallion Zebra Alive Major

Seaddle (P)

Melody Mare Unicorn Dead Background Stable 199 (P)
The Overmare Mare Unicorn Dead Background Stable 199 (P)
Calamity Stallion Pegasus Alive Minor Littlepip (P)
Lt. Banked Curve Stallion Pegasus Unknown Minor ESIR Team 2 (P)
Sgt. Tailgate Mare Pegasus Unknown Minor ESIR Team 2 (P)
Pvt. Swept Wing Stallion Pegasus Dead Supporting ESIR Team 2 (P)
Rainbow Dash Mare Pegasus Alive Major Dashite (P)
SPOILER Stallion Pegasus Alive Major ESIR Team Command (A)
SPOILER Mare Unicorn Alive Supporting SPOILER (P)
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