This article is for the side story written by El Mutanto. For the titular Organization, see Crimson Tide(Fallout: Equestria - Crimson Tide).


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Long, Long time ago in the magical land of Equestria, evil reigned supreme. Greed and prejudice fell upon a fertile soil and the Elements of Harmony weren’t able to save the land once again. Dark ages of balefire and annihilation fell upon the once peaceful world and birthed a world full of magical radiation. It wasn’t the end though. Equestria prevailed. The last bastion of pre-war nation is the City of Stalliongrad, the Pearl of South, which never stopped it’s fight. It’s enemies are alien, numerous and new, but War… War never changes.


Fallout: Equestria - Crimson Tide, written by El Mutanto is the story of Sparkplug, a young unicorn mare living in Stable 69.Due to un-earthly laws and circumstances that transpired in the Stable, she is forced to change her life diametrically and to face the horrors of the wild and dangerous Southern Wastelands and the shadow cast by the city of Stalliongrad. She must face many dangers, like the dog cohorts of Canidan Tsardom, the remnants of the equestrian army, raiders and slavers.

The story begins eight years before Littlepip emerges from Stable 2.

Year 0 - The first winter

Facing banishment from Stable 69, Sparkplug and her coltfriend Coldbrew must survive in this new reality which is the Wasteland. The journey will uncover many secrets, both pre-war and more recent, after which nothing will seem the same.


The story revolves around the region called The Southern Wasteland which due to a horrible post-war calamity lost the Pegasi cloud cover 150 years ago. Separated from the Capital Wasteland by the Great Divide, traversing there by land has become nigh impossible with every safe passage controlled by different forces. The South hides great many secrets. New groups, factions and even entire nations contest the lands free of the pegasi Veil. Many things in the south aren't like in the Capital Wasteland for sure. Just like that PipColt on Sparkplug's foreleg.


The story is written primarily in polish and is translated into english by Samey90 of fimfiction. As of 29.01.2018 there are four chapters translated and the first story arc consisting 9 chapters is finished in polish.

It can be read here:

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