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Main Cast: (From left to right) Sugar Rush, Riptide, Eclair, Sorbet

Dark Shores, written by SwimmingEagle, is a story following the adventures of a seapony named Riptide. 200 years after the megaspell fallout, the islands off the coast of Equestria have been isolated by a devastating stretch of bad weather known as the Storm Wall.The arrival of two ponies from the mainland heralds change and the beginnings of a journey for Riptide and the two mainland mares.


After the Great War, when Megaspells rained from the skies; those not lucky enough to make it to the Stables, took to the sea. Sailing to Summer Sunset Isles resort, in hopes that such an out of the way location would be spared the holocaust. The initial refugees were cut off from the rest of the dying world by a great wall of wild weather that destroyed all that attempted to brave it. Now 200 years since, a tribal Seapony on an errand has a chance encounter that would lead to the changing of the Oceanic Wasteland forever.

The story can be found at FimFiction


The story is set in Equestria's oceans, specifically Oceania, which is home to mutant sealife such as Radsharks and various tribal groups of Seaponies. Regular pony settlements and pirates who make a living on Equestria's oceans are also present.

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