Devil's Luck Title


Devil's Luck is a side story by Norbu following Lucky Devil who has the uncanny ability of being one of the luckiest stallions in the wasteland. The story starts in Dise (Heroes), but moves to it's own location following the first ten or so chapters. The story is, because of it's setting, based on Fallout: New Vegas, and particularly a mix of the Lonesome road and Siera Madre DLC, though these elements have not yet been introduced.


Lucky Devil needs to get the hell out of Dise, because he's been blacklisted from the Moon one too many times.


Lucky Devil:

The main charecter of the story, Devil's main ability is that he has 10 luck from the start, and with a little creative licence, ends up with thirteen.


Devil's Luck references alot of the other side stories as well as fallout games. In particular, the setting is directly taken from Heroes for the first few chapters.

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