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Elder Knowledge Volume 1 cover art

Elder Knowledge is a side-story written by Veradon Chimera. The story can be read on FimFiction: here


The story follows the tale of Twilight Twinkle, a mare who has spent her entire life living inside an open Stable. However when she chooses to leave her home in pursuit of a legendary book, she slowy finds herself sucked into a conflict between old world gods.

So using the knowledge of the book to keep herself relevant, Twilight begins a dangerous game with threats from the dawn of Equestria, with the fate of the wasteland hanging in the balance.


Main Characters

Twilight Twinkle

The narrator of Elder Knowledge. She is an Earth Pony who bears a striking resemblance to Twilight Sparkle, and thus is why she is named so. She left her home, the Stable-turned-town of 46, in order to chase down a book written by her namesake.

Lazy Daze

A minotaur mercenary and long-time friend of Twilight Twinkle. He fosters a great love of the arts, which is how he and Twilight met. He accompanies her on her journey to find the book.


A slave which Twilight and Lazy encounter during their journey. He joins them as they travel south.

Setting & Canon

Since Elder Knowledge is written as a sort of homage to other side-stories, much of its setting is constructed from the regions of those stories.

Stories which are considered canon to Elder Knowledge include the original, Fall of Hope, The Ditzy Doo Chronicles, The Last Sentinel, Outlaw, Operation Flankorage, Heroes and Rangers of Wintertrot.

Project Horizons isn't considered canon to Elder Knowledge, but is used for flavour.

External Links

The story can be read on FimFiction: here

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