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Guise of Chaos cover art.
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Guise of Chaos is a completed FOE side-story written by Fallingsnow. It counts 263,344 words. The story can be read here on FimFiction: Guise of Chaos


Fallout Equestria: Guise of Chaos follows the story of Ripple "Two-Kick" — former Raider, scumbag, and member of the Paragons — who awakens one day with a case of amnesia and an energy burn to the head. With this in mind, he quickly discovers that he is not the most popular pony when a small group of Raiders comes to verify his death.

After making sure they'll never relay the message, he finds it within himself to try and become a better pony. And so begins his journey to, in some small way, atone for his sins, and to amend his former life as the notorious, the infamous, the scum of the earth Raider "Two-Kick Rip".


Waking up with a hole in the head might seem like a bad way to start your life, but what if you deserved it?

"Every pony like me should be shot in the head at least once."

When he discovers the entire wasteland hates him, the amnesiac Ripple, once Two-Kick Rip the raider warlord, sees his wounds in a very new light. On a path that's half vengeance and half bid to redeem himself, he must rid the wasteland of his old gang and another, much more sinister foe.


The story takes place in Hornsmith, a large area of Equestria much like the Hoof in Project Horizons or the Big 52 in Pink Eyes.