Fallout: Equestria - Heart of the Goddess is a side story of Fallout: Equestria, written by Krashfaceand set four years after the events of the original story of Kkat.


The story tells about Bone Saw, a mercenary unicorn known for his tenacity in combat, and his journey to retrieve the mysterious object that gave the name to the story.

At his side is his sister Thin Chain, a ghoul; Cyber Cog, an almost cybernetic pony; and Snow Flank, a colt who is the result of an old experiment of Stable-Tec. However, many others are on their trail, some known, some unknown, and not all have good intentions.


Heart of the goddess take place four years after Littlepip's story.

The story starts from the inn of Bone Saw, located in Manehattan, and then continues to the southern parts of the San Palomino Desert, one of the most deadly regions of the equestrian wasteland for his heat and the ones who inhabits it .

It will also introduce a new location, Steelhoover, known before the war as Yanhoover and now reduced to a "little Fillydelphia" by Melting Cog, who converted it as his headquarters of his armaments company.


List of characters in Heart of the goddess .


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