Fallout: Equestria - Icarus is an incomplete Fallout: Equestria sidefic. It is written by ComicSansPony. It is tangentially in the same universe as the Audio Files Series, Merchants of Hope, The Long Winter and Better Days. It follows the recently graduated Enclave Private Cumulonimbus as he searches for his father.

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Just after graduating from the Neighvarro Military Academy, Private Cumulo Nimbus is tasked with tracking down his father, who has gone Dashite. Things go awry when a horde of migrating dragons rips off his wings. Permanently grounded, he must rely on the ex-slave, medic, mare, named Looker, the cursed son of a raider boss, named Cap Stash, and a malfunctioning virtual pony, named BONK, to complete his objective. But there is still one question: Why did his dad do it?


155 years after the final day in and around the western city of Salt Lick.


Main Characters

  • Cumulonimbus - former Enclave Private tasked with capturing his dashite father. Gets his wings torn off by a migrating dragon and is permanently grounded.
  • Looker - and ex-slave, medic, and former MoM operative, who finds Cumulo after he falls out of the sky.
  • Cap Stash - The son of Salver Boss Rolling Caps. He is cursed by killing joke to forever rely on his luck to survive.
  • BONK - stands for Balloon Operations and Navigation Komputer is the self aware virtual pony that is the navigation computer for an old Pinkie Pie War Balloon, The Sugar Sprinkle.


Other Characters

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