Fallout: Equestria - Insanity's Flight is a Fallout: Equestria side story written by Storm128.

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Insanity's Flight follows the story of Venture Forth, a comic book loving young colt being raised in the wasteland by a family of slavers. Every day he bears witness to horrifying atrocities committed by those around him, until he decides it's time to take a stand. However, when his actions are discovered, Venture is taught the harsh lesson that there's no room for heroics in the wasteland. When survival is on the line, we are all capable of evil.

Can Venture hold on to the ideals of a hero? Will he become a shining beacon of hope in the darkness, or will his sanity and compassion collapse when confronted with the true evil rampant throughout the Wasteland? A world with no gods, no messiahs, and no heroes.


Insanity's Flight takes course over the fifteen years preceding Fallout Equestria. Events begin in the Oasis slaving compound, and proceed into the entirety of the Marejave Wasteland.

Main Characters

Venture Forth: Our protagonist. A comic book loving young colt with aspirations of being a superhero.

Koe: A psychopathic voice in Venture's head that is constantly coercing him into committing more and more heinous acts toward his fellow ponies.

Side Characters

Ambrosia: Slaver, cider brewer, and whiskey lover. Venture's only friend in Oasis.

Chance: Sadistic slaver, and Venture's abusive older brother.

Pike: Slave hunter, and Venture's apathetic oldest brother.

Bullwhip: Boss of the Oasis slaving ring, and Venture's father.

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