• "The wasteland is a living hell... but it's hell of a place to live." Joker's Wild Tagline.

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Joker's Wild is an anarchic daoist comedy set 50 years before the events of the original story. It follows Tumbleweed, caravan trailblazer for the Glory Road Company with a long history, along with Calypto, a flamboyant vigilante zebra, and Scapegrace, a misfortunate crystal pony, as they find themselves locked in a game of challenging inevitable fates left open by the previous players. As powerful personalities make the case for destroying the wasteland for its misery and pain, Tumbleweed rises to defend the wasteland for what it is.

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  • Plot
  • Setting - The story is set 50 years before the events of Fallout Equestria, in a stronger more vibrant time in wasteland history.
  • Story - Summarize the premise of the story and its characters. Create a Template:Main link to the list of characters. Raiders from all over the wasteland are gathering in on the old village of ponyville inspired by rumors from the past about a raider king that unified the pariahs to strike down the corrupt rulers of New Maretropolis in a bloody massacre. Having been told to stay out of trouble, Tumbleweed heads straight into trouble to chase after the raider despising Calypto, aiming to make a partnership with the pretentious zebra. When a hole in the sky is ripped asunder and a red moon brings corpses of the dead back to life, Hexerai confronts Tumbleweed for his prowess and determination as a destroyer of civilization. Ponyville becomes the stage for a battle left open by Pinkie Pie and Celestia against a witch betting everything on a god of chaos to create a new world when everything is reduced to a lifeless uniform order.
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  • Traits
    • Perspective - Joker's Wild is told in First Person Semi-Omniscient. Tumbleweed functions as the main protagonist and the only narrator of the story, but can veer off and tell tales about characters he has yet to meet or events he is not around to experience. It is effectively a story told in a traditional campfire format, where things can be known in hindsight, while still trying to preserve the surprise and immersive atmosphere of the first person perspective.
    • Structure - Joker's Wild is told in chronological order
  • Development
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