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Life is Miserable, written by Anomalax is the story of a young colt named Fearei shatter (starting at age 8 and progressing to 11 over time). Traumatized by losing his mother when he's incredibly young, he ends up becoming the very thing that he now hates: raiders. Before he can go too far down the rabbit hole he's saved by a loving couple as he tries to determine the mystery of his mother's pendant.

Over a period of three years Fear solves mysteries, defeats enemies, and saves lives while growing stronger from every struggle. Slowly overcoming the majority of his depression all the while.


The story takes in various locations around Equestria, with the three most important locales being Stable 47 in Stalliongrad, Our Town, and Dryfield in Neighvada.


The story can be found here on FimFiction and a PDF can be found on Google Docs though one chapter is missing and another is modified to be cleaner.

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