Morality of Property Cover Art

Morality of Property, Cover art.
~ DAfavicon Olafski

Morality of Property is a story written by the author, SirLeadHead. The plot follows Coin Slot, a unicorn slaver who works for herself out in the equestrian wasteland until certain life changing events occur.


Coin Slot, a slaver in the Equestrian Wasteland, is making just a regular sale when something a few miles away explodes violently. Deciding to check it out, she discovers a strange weapon of unknown origin that seems to mesmerize its targets. There are... drawbacks to this weapon, however, and its discovery soon leads Coin down a chain of events that will change her morals, lifestyle, and even her very soul... provided that she manages to survive. Will the friends she makes be enough to convince her that her slaving ways are immoral? Or will they just reinforce the belief that it is one of the best ways to survive After the End?


The story draws roots for its setting from Project Horizons and Pink Eyes, making references to locations and factions from both stories like The Reapers & the Wild herd. The story also draws inspiration from Fallout 3 with characters like MG-MS11 a Mr Gutsy companion and the settlement of Maregaton a reference to Megaton.


Story can be read on: Fimfiction And Google docs

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