This article is for the story. For the settlement named New Roam, see New Roam (New Roam).
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The current cover art, depicting all the main characters, except Zaita.
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Fallout: Equestria - New Roam is a side story written by Delvius. The story follows the adventures of Goldwreath after he joins the legion to ensure a peaceful solution between his fellow stable dwellers and the legion.


Goldwreath was a guard pony within Marediolanon. A stable built into a mountain in the zebra homelands, living a easy life of a guard. That is until the Legion arrives and changes everything he ever knew about the world. Now Goldwreath enters the wasteland, having joined the legion to ensure peace between his fellow stable dwellers and the legion.


The story is set in the zebra homelands -- specifically its capital, Roam -- where it portrays the zebra as having a very Romanesque style of architecture and culture, as well as being Roman in almost all their ways of life.


  • New Roam has undergone a reboot, under the new name Innovatus.



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