This article is for the spinoff story Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons. For the project the story is named after, see Project Horizons (Project Horizons).
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by Somber

Project Horizons is a side story spin-off of Fallout: Equestria, written by Somber. Up to Chapter 77, It has more than 1.5 M words, over 750K  more than the original story Fallout: Equestria. It is one of two Fallout: Equestria spin-off stories approved by Fallout:Equestria's author, Kkat, to have its own page on Equestria Daily, not meaning it is canon to her story (Kkat message about the approval: Link ). The story continues in two separate stories, one following Blackjack and a new cast and crew in Project Horizons - Speak, and the following Scotch Tape and other younger characters, in Homelands.


Project Horizons follows the adventures of Blackjack, a security mare from Stable 99, whose discovery of a top-secret file of incredible importance sweeps her up in a massive conspiracy that has lasted ever since before the end of the Great War. She is forced out of her comfortable Stable life and is ejected into the wastelands surrounding the once-great industrial city of Hoofington, where she is daily confronted with its unique horrors.

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Project Horizons principally takes place in a region known as The Hoof which is located east of the Equestrian Wastelands. The Hoof is named after the well-preserved ruins of the industrial city of Hoofington, which dominates its center. It also shares its universe with Heroes, since, as of chapter 49, a trade route going from Riverside to Dise was mentioned.




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