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Rangers of Wintertrot is a side story written by Tonto the Trotter.

The Story revolves around Inkwell, a Steel Ranger treasurer and sole survivor of the Wintertrot contingent. Inkwell survives the destruction of his contingent of Rangers through sheer luck and ingenuity, near the city of Wintertrot.


Inkwell, after surviving a surprise attack that kills off his Contingent of Steel Rangers, promotes himself to the rank of Elder and heads towards the Winter-locked city of Wintertrot, a pre-war city that has been trapped in a constant state of Winter for 200 years. Inkwell seeks to rebuild the Wintertrot Rangers and recover valuable technology from Wintertrot.

Setting & Canon

The story is set in Wintertrot, a pre-war city that is beset by near constant snowfall. The story draws its main canon from the original Fallout: Equestria. The story also makes references to other Fallout: Equestria side-stories, including The Last SentinelNew Pegas and Tales of a Courier.

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