Fallout Equestria: Redemption

by Cooperdawg


Redemption is a side-story spinoff of Kkat's Fallout: Equestria, written by Cooperdawg. It has currently been updated to Chapter 15 and can most easily be found on the website


Redemption follows the Earth Pony Evergreen, an ex-raider who is forced from her gang when its members stage a mutiny. Thrown to the wasteland, she is faced with the consequences of her actions for the last several years and settles on a course to earn redemption. In her travels she uncovers a sinister plot from an outside power to take over the entire region. Traveling with her are a group of friends that have all joined for their own reasons. The first is Crosswire, the only member of the raider gang to remain loyal to Evergreen, is an extremely skilled unicorn engineer, capable of hacking almost any computer or unlocking any door. Suture is an innocent Earth Pony medic who was raised in the safety of one of the Wasteland's settlements and joined Evergreen in her mission first out of a responsibility to see that she had changed her ways, then deciding to stick around to see the job done. Autumn Mist is a young unicorn sniper, skilled with long-range weapons and telekinesis, but often allows her anger to get the best of her. The last of the group is a Dashite heavy-weapons expert, Steel Curtain, who succeeded in escaping the Enclave with his cutie mark intact, as well as taking his armor and twin miniguns with him.


Redemption is set in the same universe as the original Fallout; Equestria. It is set in the wastes surrounding the city of Seaddle, which, according to this map, is located across the ocean to the south of mainland Equestria, almost due south of Phillydelphia.


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