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Rise from the Ashes, a sidefic written by Nightrein, is a story about a stallion stricken with amnesia after a being hosed with bullets. After waking up without memory, he is forced to set out into one of the most perilous areas the Equestrian Wastes have to offer: The Marejave Desert. With no past, no destination, not even a name, he treks out on the hopes of finding who he was, who took him down, and getting a little revenge.

The story itself can be found on FiMFiction or on Google Docs.

Main Characters


Cinder is the narrating lead character, who initially awakens without memory of anything - including his name. He sets out after the town of New Trottingham decides to evict him shortly after his recovery.


Skydive is the pegasus who brought Cinder into town to be healed by Doctor Crutches. After his departure, she follows him out into the wastes in secret before saving him from a pack of Night Stalkers.

Factions and Settlements

New Trottingham

The town of New Trottingham is where Cinder first wakes up, as well as the town of residence of Skydive, Doctor Crutches, and Ice Pack. The people of the town show deep distaste for having Cinder around, and elect to evict him a day after his recovery.


Prim is a town to the south of New Trottingham. When Cinder and Skydive enter, it is overrun with escaped convicts and the townspeople are hiding in a casino.


The NCR are found outside of Prim, warning passers-by that the town is a hostile area, and to stay away. Whether or not this is the same NCR as seen in Fallout: Equestria is unknown.

Crystal Gangers

The Crystal Gangers are a group of escaped convicts. Cinder's first encounter with them is in Prim, where they have completely overrun the town after killing its sheriff and kidnapping the deputy. Their leader is a stallion by the name of Lit Fuse, who was seen in Mirage.


A massive fortress turned to a city by Cinder(c.5) and the group of Subjugators following him, whom came to own the superstructure after it became a settlement.

The Crew

Author: Nightrein on FiMFiction.

Editor/Prereader: Bazaro on FiMFiction.

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