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by Interloper

Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn is a side-fiction written by Interloper, set in the Northern Wasteland at the border of Equestria and the Crystal Empire. Rising Dawn is told from the perspective of a Unicorn pony named Red Dawn.

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Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn follows the travels of Red Dawn, a pragmatic and cynical stable-pony who was forced out the doors of his stable when the only world he had ever known began to fall apart.


When the bombs fell, the North was not reborn in spellfire. It was reborn in darkness. 200 years ago, the Crystal Empire kept at bay the nightmares of the Frozen North. But when balefire scoured their lands, the floodgates parted and an inexplicable, aberrant darkness fell upon the Northern Wasteland.

As the world above plunged into perpetual twilight, the ponies of the myriad stables slept peacefully beneath the snow. But their sheltered lives could never have lasted forever. Time could only tell when their systems would shutdown, or their water became impure … or … worse.

In the Northern Wasteland, a broken water talisman is the least of anypony's problems - for outside those doors, only darkness awaits.

Characters and Enemies

Red Dawn

Red Dawn, introduced in Chapter 1, is the protagonist of Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn. He is a Unicorn pony with a brown coat, maroon mane, and red eyes, and is the son of a Stable dwelling pegasus pony named Morning Dawn, his mother, and Red Roan, his father. Red Dawn is a former resident of Stable 91, a Stable located in the Northern Wasteland.

Background, Locations, and Setting  

Poneva in the Distance

The Northern Wasteland with Poneva City visible in the background

Rising Dawn takes place simultaneously with the events of Fallout: Equestria.

It is set in the Northern Wasteland, which encompasses the ruins of the northern Equestrian cities in the Crystal Borderlands, and the ruins of the Crystal Empire. Also known as the North, or the Northern Wastes, this region is a bleak, unforgiving wintry wasteland rife with horrors and aberrations that make their homes nowhere else in Equestria. Though pockets of civilization exist - both big and small, they are beset by threats from organized crime, the frozen wilderness, and worse.

The largest pocket of civilization is Poneva city, a reclaimed and relatively resettled pre-war city that is situated near the now destroyed Crystal Empire's Crystal Borderlands.



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