Fallout: Equestria - Speak is an ongoing story by Heartshine that follows Threnody the Heartmender. The story can be read on FiMFiction here.

This story is a deliberate continuation of Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons, with permission and special editing help from Somber.


In the years following the Battle of the Hoof, the New Lunar Commonwealth grew and tried to thrive.  The Followers of the Apocalypse joined them in trying to make the world a better place.  Threnody, a young pegasus heartmender, works hard to heal the hearts and minds of ponies who went through the terrible trials of the Battle of the Hoof.

But she was rather unprepared for being transferred to the small town of Chapel, to work with 'the Patient.'  The heart of a pony is a tangled web in even the strongest of souls.  And as Threnody may soon learn, the most massive characters are often seared with scars of the heart.

Main Characters

Threnody - 14 year old female pegasus Heartmender.  Daughter of Stargazer Lily, a former unicorn call mare in Junction R-7. Threnody is the youngest Heartmender, and one of the newest recruits to the ranks of Heartmenders in the Followers of the Apocalypse. Threnody is reluctant to start her new assignment working with Blackjack.

Glitter Bomb - 14 year old (mentally) female purple alicorn.  Her actual age is unknown, but it is theorized that she was a very young filly when she first joined Unity. Glitter Bomb is Threnody’s best (and only) friend in the Followers, as she frequently helps out by assisting older alicorns with deliveries and in their clinics. Glitter’s personality is quite bubbly, and she frequently uses malapropisms in her speech.

Blackjack - 19 year old blank unicorn female. After dying at the end of the Battle of the Hoof, Blackjack's blank body awoke 4 years prior to the events of Speak. She was not happy about her awakening, and quickly fled from Stable 99. The Heartmenders began working with her at the request of Velvet Remedy. Blackjack has managed to burn out or turn away nearly all of the Heartmenders at the beginning of the story, with Threnody being their last ditch effort to find a pony that can help heal her. Blackjack's mental age is often referred to as being 19, due to the fact that she spent 5 years in a coma following the Battle of the Hoof, and that she was originally 15 when she left Stable 99.

Bubblegum - 15 year old male earth pony. Picked up by Threnody and company in Chapter 6, Bubblegum follows after the party, ostensibly for pay. However, Threnody harbours her own suspicions that he may be following them for deeper reasons than just wanting caps.

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