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Fallout: Equestria - Starlight is a Fallout: Equestria side-story written by volrathxp.

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Starlight takes place in the Fallout: Equestria universe. The story is set post-Day of Sunshine and Rainbows, and follows the adventures of an alicorn named Radiant Star, a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse.

A major arc in the story takes place in the fictional city of Chicacolt .


When the Goddess died, the minds and souls in Unity spread out across the Alicorn race. From the ashes of her death, the Alicorns banded together and with assistance from Velvet Remedy created the Followers of the Apocalypse.

Radiant Star, a younger Alicorn and a newly initiated member of the Followers, experiences a terrifying magic that changes her body to appear similar to a certain Ministry Mare that was part of the Goddess. But the changes do not stop there. Star soon finds that she is harboring the barest emotions and feelings of Twilight Sparkle, and is desperate to understand why.

With her fellow Follower Violet Iris in tow, Star searches for the answers she needs. Soon she will find out that her transformation will affect the entire world.


Main Characters

  • Radiant Star - An alicorn who is a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse. Star is the quintessential lazy type, and is also highly absent-minded. As such, she tends to monologue quite a bit which sometimes causes her to miss important details. Being an alicorn, she has a wide array of magical abilities. Due to a magical happening Star's body is changed from a blue to a purple alicorn, and her cutie mark becomes an inverted copy of Twilight Sparkle's.
  • Violet Iris - Star's friend, love, and fellow Follower. She is a Priestess of the Followers, and wants to help other ponies whenever possible. Her cutie mark is a purple eye wreathed in green flames. Violet is a unicorn.
  • Steeljack - Former Security Officer of the town of Mall. This earth pony joined the crew after Star and Violet helped clear the mall of psychotic robots. Used to be a mercenary working for the Talons.
  • Patch - Patch is a green earth pony mare that the group meets in Fillydelphia. Patch is a security ranger for the New Canterlot Republic (NCR) who works at a hotel in northern Fillydelphia. Patch joins the group on a mission to take down a raider gang led by the unicorn Greed.

Minor Characters

  • Lucky - Lucky is a unicorn/pegasus mare who Star meets in Chicacolt.  Lucky dies while in Star's care, being brought back as a spirit.  Lucky's spirit sticks with Star, assisting her in taking back her body.  Lucky later is captured by Pride, and sacrifices her spirit to merge with Spark to save Star.
  • Apple Danish - Danish is the smooth talking boss of the Applebuckers, one of the factions of the MMMM.  Danish is one of the primary reasons that Star is so well liked by the group, and joins her in her fight against Pride in Stable 180.  Danish is a wise-cracker, often saying the things that no one else will say.
  • Nixis - Nixis is a hellhound that was being held captive by the Cult of Iron Will.  He was previously one of the mayors of the hellhound population of Ponyville.  Nixis is highly eloquent for a hellhound, and he fervently believes in the Lightbringer and that the Wasteland will be better one day.  He joins the group and assists them in their escape from Colter Field.
  • Sunshine Sky - A unicorn member of the Twilight Society that Star meets in Chicacolt.  Later, she meets up with Sunshine again in Manehattan.  Sunshine eventually joins the group, lending aid with her earth-magic powers.  Sunshine's specialty skill is earth and plant magic.
  • The Smooze (Finishing Touch) - A unique creature comprised of a sludge material.  Found in the ruins of the Museum in Chicacolt.  The Smooze is a childlike creature who leaves Star and the group to make new friends.  Eventually ending up with Professor Ozzmosis, the Smooze is given the name Finishing Touch by the griffon Featherjoy.


  • Discord -The spirit of Chaos as he exists in the wasteland Discord shows up in the city of Fillydelphia, planning to take over Star's powers. In the end, he gives Star her freedom after she beats him at his game of roulette.  Discord reappears in Chicacolt later on, giving Star a riddle concerning her decision to save or kill Spark. On their way back to Manehattan Discord slipped Star a series of memory orbs that shared more about what happened between Twilight and Spark in the past. Once in Manehattan Discord tricked Star and swapped her mind to Sunshine's. after a game of Chaos chess, a game the literally represented the events happening at the time in Manehatten. When Star lost, she had to free the full Discord from his fractured statue prison.
  • Spark - The corrupted Element of Magic.Spark is a malevolent entity that lives in Star's mind.  Spark starts as benign at first, steadily gaining power until she manages to force Star out of her body.  After Star regains her body, Spark goes to see Pride, but is captured by her.  Spark merges with Lucky, giving the Element physical form.  She first went to Manehatten for unknown reasons before heading to the Everfree.
  • The Other Elements -Following the defeat of Dusk Blue, Star had accidentally awakened the other elements of Harmony, though a corrupted versions of them. These corrupted Elements were given golem bodies each with their element gem embedded in their chest and joined up with Spark to take down Star.
    • Cruelty-the corrupted element of Kindness encountered on the way to Ponyville controlling a hydra. Cruelty killed the hydra and confronted Star. She sent a Cerberus to attack the group later while Patch was giving birth, but then sunshine befriended it and Cruelty fled. This was apparently a ruse as the Cerberus arrives again with Cruelty and Avarice.
    • Deceit- the corrupted element of Honesty encountered in a MAS genetics research facility deep in the Everfree forest.
    • Obsession-the corrupt element of Loyalty encountered shortly following getting the second star shard.
    • Avarice-The corrupted element of Generosity who arrives with Cruelty the 3rd time Cruelty shows up. She traps Star in a crystal prison in order to bring her to Spark.
    • Sorrow- the corrupted element of Laughter who was encountered in the crashed Enclave ship while trying to access the ruins of the cathedral.
  • Truth Seeker - The leader of a group of ponies known as the Magisterium who want to hunt down and kill the Smooze believing that it is evil.Though in reality he wanted to absorb the smooze's power to enhance his own. He was possessed by the void magic in the remains on the Crystal Empire, the magic left by an ancient evil (likely Sombra) who had not survived the final day of the war.
  • The Magisterium-A mind controlled group of ponies lead by Truth Seeker living in a void magic infested Crystal empire. Once freed from Truth Seeker's control they reverted to their old name The Truth Seekers.
  • Ahuizotl-Star and her friends encounter Ahuizotl in a set of ruins that predate the peaceful time in Equestria while fleeing the Magisterium. The former arch nemesis of Daring Do was a radioactive ghoul when Star encountered him, the last remnant of sanity barely there. He thinks Star is Daring Do.
  • Dusk Blue-A member of the Twilight Society that Star and group combat in Manehattan. He wanted Celestia 1 mega spell all to himself to rule the wasteland. He made a deal with Discord. In extange for his freedom Discord would get Dusk the alicorn amulet so Dusk could mind control the NCR and Twilight Society into mutual destruction.

The Sins

Collectively known as "The Sins", the following characters are based on a loose theme of strong negative emotions around the Seven Deadly Sins. Each of these characters are a unique race and each has unique abilities. The seven were converted using energy from statues used by Pride.

  • Greed - Greed is a unicorn raider that the group meets on their way to Fillydelphia.Greed's unique in that his magic creates a physical shield around his body when he is struck in any way. Greed has no control over this ability. He is killed by Violet and Star in an abandoned church in Fillydelphia.  Greed's original identity is Cutter, a unicorn employed by the MMMM and lover of Lilith. Greed is a little bit like Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. His shield, which is a lot like Greed's Ultimate shield, and the fact he wants mostly money and women.
  • Lust -Lust is a black pegasus that works for the alicorn '''Pride'''. Lust appears in New Appleloosa under the command of Pride to attack Star and her friends. Lust wears Enclave power armor and fires missiles from saddle-mounted launchers. Her wings are bladed. Lust temporarily assisted the group in escaping Pride. Lust is re-introduced to the group when they are stuck in Colter Field. She is now part of the group, having escaped during the MMMM's attack on the Cult of Iron Will.  Lust's original identity was Lilith, an ex-Enclave pegasus who lived in Chicacolt.  She was the lover of Cutter, and a fierce friend to Grenadine, Diamond, and Evora.
  • Pride -Pride is an alicorn, initially introduced as Diamond Night. Her powers involve dream manipulation and mind-reading. She is cruel and manipulative, aiming to steal Star's powers to revive Unity, with herself seated as the Goddess. Pride escapes to Chicacolt with a challenge to Star to come find her.  Star eventually catches up with Pride, finding out that the energy used to convert the others was corrupting her.  Pride's original identity was Diamond Night, an alicorn from Chicacolt.  Diamond eventually perishes after Star removed the negative influence from her mind.  In containing the power, Diamond decided to activate the self-destruct sequence of Stable 180 to bury the nightmare.
  • Sloth - Sloth is a Canterlot Ghoul, once known as the character Cranky Doodle Donkey. Sloth is permanently fused to his cart, which is filled with macabre parts of bodies and flesh. Sloth is a special kind of ghoul, capable of directing Pink Cloud to raise dead skeletons and create abominations of flesh.  Cranky is working for Pride due to the alicorn holding his love Matilda in a medical stasis tube in Stable 180.  Cranky is presumed dead after staying behind to be with Matilda during the destruction of the Stable.
  • Envy -Envy is a Zebra whose abilities include hoof-to-hoof combat, explosives, and mystical arts. She uses her cloak talisman to create wings and is extremely fast.  Envy's original identity was Evora, a zebra who lived in Stable 180 and was in love with Diamond Night.  Envy offers to Star to train her in zebra magic and hoof to hoof combat after the events of Stable 180.
  • Wrath - Wrath is a Minotaur, and leader of the Cult of Iron Will in Chicaolt.Wrath is insanely fanatical and highly religious when it comes to his following under the teachings of Iron Will. Wrath is known for spouting 'Iron Will-isms' during combat, and he also uses combat drugs such as Dash and Stampede to enhance his fighting capability.  Wrath's original identity was Bronze Fist, the head historian and bookkeeper of the Cult.
  • Gluttony -Gluttony is a massive blob shaped earth pony, and the current leader of the MMMM in Chicacolt. Gluttony is massive, but can be deadly silent when he wants to be.  He befriended Radiant Star during her stay with the MMMM.  Gluttony's original identity was Grenadine Rose, a chief enforcer of the MMMM.  Cutter and he were close friends, having been part of an enforcer unit to police the settlement of Theater.